Company Profile

Our company was founded in 1967 as a precision machine shop contract basis, working almost exclusively with activities of turning. Ā We then followed the evolution of technology, engineering and information technology, adapting them to new machines and more particularly to the ever increasing demands and needs of our customers.

meccanica_di_precisioneToday, the many years of experience accumulated and the continuous technological updates, allow us to maintain a continuous and lasting partnership with our customers.

Our specialization is in manufacturing of precision mechanical parts which we have come through what we consider to be our strengths, namely:

  • a fleet of machines always in the forefront;
  • an organizational structure of industrial type;
  • skilled and available staff.

So we propose ourselves to market, supported by a strong desire to provide excellent service to customers who need products turned, milled, ground doing also high thermal treatments or electroplating.

The company philosophy is based on continuously advance technology and culture with the aim of providing improved service to customers.


The Quality Policy pursued by our company has as primary objectives:

  • customer satisfaction
  • compliance requirements;
  • Continuous company’s improvement;
  • integrated approach to quality management as the product of our company is the product of the entire corporate system;
  • planning, monitoring and documentation of the activities taking place within each business process;
  • prevention of defects and reducing waste;

Our company has partnerships in several areas, including hydraulics, transmissions, construction, marine and agriculture


Precision Mechanics BIASI SRL also responds to those who are strict rules on service and quality for customers, and security and respect for the work and the environment.

Each product is processed with the utmost accuracy and precision, and the same attention is given to individual pieces and small and large series.